Deepotsava or Deepotsavam, also known as the festival of lights, is celebrated every year in the month of Kartika (October–November). It is a month-long festival commemorating Damodara-lila, the sweet pastime of baby Krishna stealing butter and consequently being tied to a mortar by His dear mother, Yashoda. In Sanskrit, “dama” means rope and “udara” means belly. Damodara refers to Krishna, who was bound with a rope by His mother, Yashoda.

Lord Krishna also delivered the two sons of Kuvera, Nalakuvara, and Manigriva, who were cursed by Narada muni to be in the form of tall arjuna trees in the courtyard of Nanda Maharaja due to their past sinful activities. As a result of the curse by Narada muni, they received the highest benediction of seeing Lord Krishna and regained their position in the heavenly planets.

The significance of Kartika Deepotsava

It is not possible to describe the glories of Kartika month. In this month, devotees observe strict vows (Damodara Vrata) and worship Lord Damodara by offering a ghee lamp daily. It is said that by offering a lamp to Lord Hari in the month of Kartika, one gets unlimited prosperity, beauty and wealth. All the sins committed in thousands and millions of births perish, and one attains the eternal spiritual world where there is no suffering.

In this month, every day, the temple is decorated with thousands of lamps. Light from hundreds of lamps before the garbha-griha spread transcendental radiance across the main temple hall, elevating the spirit of devotion. The grandeur with which the festivities are carried out captivates everyone’s realm of devotion.

At 8 PM, the garbha-griha is closed briefly, followed by an announcement on the Deepotsava Festival. The assembled devotees are informed about the significance of this festival. Following the announcement, the garbha-griha opens with the blowing of the conch. The glorious sight of Their Lordships Sri Radha Krishnachandra in the midst of grand kirtans enthrals everyone. A grand arati is performed as the devotees melodiously sing the Damodarashtaka song. After the arati, all the assembled devotees can offer ghee lamps to Their Lordships. This is followed by Shayana Pallakki Utsava.

We invite you to offer ghee lamps daily to Lord Damodara in this auspicious month of Kartika and receive immense blessings of Their Lordships.

A wonderful opportunity is available to contribute towards Annadana and Go seva, Pushpalankara and Vishesha Naivedya Sevas to the Lord. Sponsor these sevas and be infinitely blessed during this most auspicious month. Receive the special prasadam delivered to your home.


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