Harinam Sankirtana

Sankirtana Yajna: Sole Hope for World Peace and Prosperity Sankirtana Yajna means congregational chanting of the holy names of the Supreme Lord. This is the path prescribed in the Vedic literatures for achieving spiritual perfection...


Hare Krishna Mantra (Chanting)

Chant and make your life sublime The Vedas recommend that in the present age the most effective means for achieving self-realization is to always hear about, glorify, and remember the all-good Supreme Lord, who...


Harinam Mantapa

One of the attractive features of ISKCON Bangalore is the Harinam Mantapa located right after the Dhvaja Stambha in the spacious courtyard within the Raja Gopura enclosure of the temple. It provides a unique...

harinam diksha at iskcon

Harinam Diksha

Srila Prabhupada Ashraya Program On the path of regulative devotional service, one must observe the following:  accept a bona fide spiritual master. take initiation from him. serve him. receive instructions from the spiritual master and...


Hare Krishna Flash Mob

Flash mob is generally an impromptu performance wherein a group of persons assemble at one location unexpectedly – they have practically become a staple of YouTube in recent years. When Bill Wasik, the senior...


Harinam Festival

We have been organizing a day-long Harinam festival once in three months at the temple as one of the means of distributing the holy names of Lord Krishna. Chanting the holy names of Lord...


Chanters Club

Hare Krishna Chanters Club is an initiative of ISKCON Bangalore to involve families in practicing the chanting of the holy names of Krishna. For every yuga, the scriptures recommend a specific dharma for spiritual...

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