Is there any classes on Bhagavad-gita?

We conduct weekly retreats based on the principles of Bhagavad-gita. Every morning at 8:15 a.m. you can attend the classes on Srimad Bhagavatam conducted in our lecture hall. These classes are also webcast and you can watch them LIVE. The lecture archives are available in our YouTube channel and Sound Cloud.

How can I donate for various sevas?

You can visit our donation module and donate online:

When will I get confirmation or 80G certificate for my donation?

Please visit our donor care centre for more infromation by visiting

ISKCON temple Bangalore timings?

Darshan Timings: Morning – 4:15am to 5:15am and 7:15am to 1:15pm ; Evening – 4:15pm to 8:00pm ; Weekends and public holidays – No break in the afternoon. Click here for more information.

Is parking available inside ISKCON temple?

ISKCON Bangalore temple is having ample parking space for Four wheeler and Two wheeler. There will be nominal parking charges. Tourist whehicles like bus and van can be parked at parking area opposite of temple main gate.

Is wheelchair and lift available at ISKCON temple?

You can avail of elevator and wheel chair facilities at the temple for the disabled and elderly in addition to lift facility. You need to come near temple reception to avail Wheel chair facility.

How many ISKCON are in Bangalore?

There are two main ISKCON temples in Bangalore, one at Rajajinagar and the other at Kanakapura Road.

What is the best time to visit Iskcon Temple Bangalore?

You can plan temple visit during early morning hours (7 to 9 am) or late evening during last arati.

Can I stay at ISKCON temple?

We have Yatri Nivas (guet-house) inside the temple. For more information visit:

Does ISKCON give free food?

ISKCON Bangalore is providing free lunch prasadam for hundreds of pilgrims visiting the temple. The prasadam is served between 11:30 am and 2:00 pm every day. Click here for more details.

Can I get married in ISKCON? Which temple is good for marriage in Bangalore?

ISKCON Kalyana Mantapa is a Best Wedding Hall is located in Rajajinagar Bangalore. For more information visit

Is there any dress code for ISKCON Bangalore?

You can wear formal or traditional dress as a mark of respect. Avoid shorts & casual modern wears.

Is photography allowed in ISKCON?

Photography is not allowed inside the temple. But you can click images outside of temple.

Is there toilet facility for senior citizen in or around temple?

We have toilet facilities inside the temple complex  at two locations for visitors which are neatly maintained.

How to join ISKCON Bangalore as voluenteer?

You can render various voluenteering services, please click here for the enquiry.

How to reach ISKCON Bangalore temple?

Visitors can reach from major bus stands, railway/metro stations and the Bengaluru International Airport. Click here for directions for ISKCON temple at Rajajinagar, and Click here for ISKCON temple at Kanakapura road.

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