Krishna Ashraya 

The Krishna Ashraya program, an initiative of ISKCON Bangalore, is a spiritual rejuvenation program conducted at various locations in the city and also online. It gives everyone an opportunity to develop one’s relationship with Lord Krishna by engaging in different spiritual activities as recommended by Srila Prabhupada, the Founder-Acharya of ISKCON.

Krishna Ashraya organises systematic courses and practical workshops to practice the teachings of Lord Krishna. By practicing these principles, people can spiritually elevate themselves and lead a more profound spiritual journey.

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Krishna Life 

ISKCON is a worldwide organisation that has impacted millions of lives over the past six decades. It is more than a temple. It is a spiritual oasis for souls seeking elucidation for life’s puzzling questions. Through Krishna Life, we want to extend this opportunity in your community, bringing spirituality closer to your home. We are present in over a dozen communities in Bengaluru.

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FOLK – Youth Empowerment Club aims to crystallise the younger generation’s formative phase with key values that guide them throughout their lives. Some of the most vital and practical knowledge has been inherited from the time-tested Vedic wisdom and woven into methodic workshops.

For more than two decades, our programs have catalysed youth culture by designing rich avenues in art, theatre, science, philosophy, and many more. A vibrant community of highly progressive young minds awaits you.

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Sadhika, the women’s empowerment programme, is designed to provide focused spiritual education with relevant culturally immersive activities for young women in a socially conducive environment.

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ISKCON Samskriti

For over two decades, the Cultural Education Services Wing of ISKCON Bangalore has been disseminating knowledge and awareness of India’s timeless culture and glorious heritage among children. The department specialises in conceptualising, designing, and organising culture-centric programs for children.

ISKCON Samskriti now offers both offline and online student programs systematically planned and designed by experienced professionals. Through this channel, we aspire to touch the lives of many more students.

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Pilgrimage Tours

ISKCON Bangalore organises enriching pilgrimages that offer devotees a deep spiritual experience. These pilgrimages take participants to sacred sites associated with Lord Krishna, providing an opportunity to engage in devotional practices, kirtans, and more. Through these journeys, devotees can immerse themselves in the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Vedic traditions, fostering a deeper connection with Lord Krishna. The pilgrimages are well-organized, ensuring a spiritually uplifting and memorable experience for all participants.

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