The 108 names of Sri Ramachandra


Oh Rama!

Lord Rama, as the name suggests, is an all-pervading entity. He knows dharma, speaks the truth, is full of virtues and is disciplined, and is the eldest Prince of the Ikshvakus.

Ramabhadra ― Auspicious Rama

The lotus-eyed, moon-faced Rama is the noble and valiant warrior of the Raghu race. Ever gracious to the noble and the holy men, He personifies auspiciousness.

Ramachandra ― Moon-like gentle Rama

With fine locks of hair covering His forehead, Lord Rama’s moon-like face is the source of eternal bliss and happiness. With a charming smile adorning His face, Lord Rama personifies all things beautiful.

Shashvata ― Eternal

Lord Rama, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, symbolizes Supreme Power, who is beyond reason, and vision, who has no beginning or end, who is without attributes. He is Narayana, the Eternal Divinity.

Rajeevalochana ― Lotus-eyed

The ever-pleasant-faced Rama is lotus-eyed, whose eyes are large like a full-blown lotus. These eyes, reflecting gentleness and calmness, see all and their vision is limitless.

Shrimate ― Revered by all

Respected by all and respectable for everyone, He is the Master of all norms. He is adored by the sages, the mortals, and even by Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma.

Rajendra ― Lord of the lords

Lord Rama is the whole world in His manifest form. He is unperceivable by senses, yet He is instinct in every life. He is the Protector of all realms, the cause of all existence.

Raghupungava ― Scion of the Raghukula race

The great descendant of the Raghu race, Lord Rama is noble-minded and valiant. As an upholder of dharma, He believes in goodness and always keeps His word.

Janakivallabha ― Consort of Janaki

The Supreme Lord Rama has for His consort, Goddess Sita who is born womb less, found by Her father Janaka while ploughing a field. He sacrifices Her to the earth to establish dharma.

Jaitra ― Symbolizing Victory

Wielder of the bow with gold-feathered arrows, Lord Rama’s valour and prowess are unequalled. With full knowledge of war strategies, He personifies victory.

Jitamitra ― Vanquisher of Foes

Lord Rama, known for His noble deeds and justice; and representing victory, conquers His foes, for He has no equal.

Janardana ― One who offers liberation from repeated births

The Dharmadhita of the Solar race, Lord Rama is an endless fountainhead of virtues showing dharma, truth, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, duty and gentleness, and offers liberation of the blessed from the cycle of repeated births.

Vishwamitrapriya ― Beloved of Vishwamitra

The ocean of knowledge and the mine of virtues, Lord Rama is greatly worshipped and revered by the great sage Vishwamitra for His righteous and just nature.

Danta ― Unperturbed

With a moon-like serene face, and a pleasing smile that lights up His gentle face, Lord Rama is always calm and unperturbed, even in the face of adversity. His dignified and majestic appearance is impressive.

Sharanatrana Tatpara ― Determined to protect His devotees

Taking on the human form, Lord Vishnu, as Rama, is determined and deeply committed to wiping away the distress of His devotees who seek refuge in Him. He achieves this perfectly and brings justice to people by upholding dharma and punishing the wrong-doers.

Valipramathana ― Slayer of Vali

Scourge of His foes, Lord Rama is the slayer of Vali, the Vanara chief of the forest who had usurped the throne of his brother, Sugreeva, and taken his wife captive. The great Lord is Dharmatma.

Vagmine ― Spokesman

The ever-gentle and unperturbed Lord Rama is soft in speech, sedate and peaceful, and as a spokesman He never taunts, always remains calm and collected.

Satyavache ― Speaker of the truth

Swathed in the sweet and loving words of Lord Rama, His devotees dance with joy. His words always carry a ring of truth, for He is Truth personified. His word is law and He is the law-maker.

Satyavikrama ― Truthfully powerful

Lord Rama establishes the image of an Ideal Man on the loftiest pedestal of human existence. He is the Truth that begins, the Truth that grows, and the Truth that ends.

Satyavrata ― Adopting truth as penance

Lord Rama, the auspiciously marked one, upholds dharma, adopting truth as penance for the sake of righteousness.

Vratadhara ― Practicing penance

Rama is Dharmatma, the upholder of justice and dharma, and is the destroyer of evil and wrong-doers. He meditates deeply and practices austere penances to redeem mankind of misery.

Sada Hanumadashrita ― Dependent on Hanuman

Son of the Wind-God, Hanuman is a loyal follower of Lord Rama. The Great Lord is dependent on Hanuman to save His queen, Sita, from the clutches of the gigantic demon, Ravana, by revealing her whereabouts.

Kausaleya ― Son of Kausalya

The upholder of dharma or righteousness, Lord Rama is the darling son of Queen Kausalya. His radiance adds to her loveliness, just as Indra’s radiance enhances the beauty of Aditi.

Kharadhvamsine ― Slayer of Khara

The unending mine of virtues, the Supreme Unborn God, Lord Vishnu takes several incarnations to redeem the world of its demons and evils, and as Rama, He slew the fierce demon, Khara.

Viradhavadha ― Master in slaying Viradha

Supreme Lord Rama, through whom this world and all the gods, including Brahma, are manifest, is a skillful slayer of demons, redeeming the world of the dreaded demon Viradha.

Vibhishanaparitratre ― Sheltered Vibhishana

The younger brother of the evil demon Ravana, Vibhishana receives a boon from Lord Brahma that he will never behave meanly, even in the worst crisis. When he sees Ravana indulging in evil practices, he seeks shelter under Lord Rama.

Harakodandarama ― Rama with the Kodhanda Bow

Armed with the three-curved Kodanda bow, He scours the Dandaka forest. Lord Rama uses this bow and arrow, which to a warrior is like a faggot to a fire.

Saptatala Prabhetre ― Breaker of the seven Tale trees

Dressed in tree-bark and deer-skin that has the sheen of gold and armed with a divine golden bow, Lord Rama, in His gigantic and swarthy form, broke the curse of the seven Tale trees, and thus fulfilled His cause for incarnating.

Dashagreeva Shirohara ― Slayer of the ten-headed Ravana

Blazing with glory, Lord Rama kills Ravana with the Brahma arrow, an incredible missile with wind in its feather and fire in its head, which, like a thunderbolt, slices Ravana’s chest, killing him instantly.

Jamadagnya Mahadarpa Dalana ― Destroyer of Jamadagni’s son’s arrogance

In such a form, the Great and Supreme Lord incarnated, inspired by the Supreme Spirit. He used His intelligence in destroying the arrogance of Jamadagni’s son, Parashurama.

Tatakantaka ― Slayer of Tataka

Lord Rama is the slayer of the wicked Yakshini called Tataka who had the strength of a thousand elephants and who could take any form. Rama killed her with a single arrow.

Vedantasara ― Essence of Philosophy

The imperishable Rama, pervading in all hearts as the embodiment of Supreme Bliss, is Omnipresent, unmanifest for atheists, but manifest through deep devotion, unrealizable through senses—the essence of all that is perfect.

Vedatmane ― Spirit of the Vedas

The all-knowing Rama studied, absorbed and mastered the Vedas and their ancillary branches, with not a flaw of imperfection, speaking with a happy fusion of heart, throat and head.

Bhavarogasya Bheshaja ― Reliever of Earthly ailments

The kind and powerful Lord Rama is the well-wisher of all and relieves them of all their agonies. He is in total empathy with all beings from mortal attraction.

Dooshanatrishirohantre ― Slayer of Dooshanatrishira

Armed with bows and arrows, the valiant warrior of the Raghu race, most valiantly slew Dooshanatrishira, thus establishing peace in the three worlds.

Trimurtaye ― Having the forms of Trinity

Just as the whole nature of the large banyan tree is contained in its tiny seed, so also the whole universe, animate or inanimate, is contained in the name of the Great Lord. He is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva— the Ultimate Reality.

Trigunatmaka – Possessing the three Gunas

Trivikrama ― Conqueror of the Three Worlds

As Controller of the three worlds, Lord Rama is the Omniscient, the Invincible, and the unquestioned Lord of the universe. None can equal His excellence in anything.

Trilokatmane ― Lord of the Three Worlds

Lord Rama, as the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is the repository of all virtues. Reposing on the Ocean of Milk, the cosmic waters, on the serpent Sheshanaga, He rules the three worlds.

Punyacharita Keertana ― Sung for Noble Virtues

The Great Lord Rama, the Ideal Man, the Supreme Almighty, is the subject of adulations sung, highlighting noble virtues.

Trilokarakshaka ― Protector of the Three Worlds

The valiant Lord Rama is the Protector of the three worlds. He sustains the three worlds, being the Supreme Omnipresence, the Changeless, the Attribute less, yet the Cause of change.

Dhanvine ― of the Solar Race

Lord Rama, the swarthy Kshatriya Prince, born of the Solar race, successfully broke the bow of Shiva to win the hand of Sita. With a bow ever in His hand, He appears majestic and royal in His bearing.

Dandakaranya Karshana ― One who made the Dandaka forest noble

Dressed in deer-skin, His hair of matted locks, and armed with the divine bow and arrow, the valiant warrior prince of Raghu race, Lord Rama spent fourteen years in exile in the Dandaka forest of Aranyaka, thereby making it noble with His presence.

Ahalyashapashamana ― Reliever of Ahalya’s curse

Ahalya, who was cursed by a sage and turned into a rock, is redeemed by Lord Rama, the saviour of all. Lord Rama, wielder of the bow, takes the human form to kill the demon Ravana, and He destroys evil.

Pitrubhakta ― Devoted to father

The noble prince of the Ikshvaku dynasty, Lord Rama is an extraordinary son of King Dasharatha. The intensity of His self-discipline makes Him outshine the sun, and He lovingly and obediently executes His father’s orders, being very devoted to him.

Varaprada ― Responsive to all prayers

The saviour of the downtrodden, Lord Rama responds to all prayers, for He is Dharmatma. He epitomizes all that is best in human life as far as the individual life of a person is concerned.

Jitendriya ― Conqueror of the senses

Being the fountain of joy and salvation, Lord Rama is the Conqueror of the senses, transcending the three attributes, and is Absolute.

Jitakrodha ― Conqueror of anger

Gentle and disciplined Rama is a handsome descendant of the Solar race. He is always in control of His temper, and He honors the learned. He loves His subjects, is always pleasant-mannered, and masters all the senses.

Jitamitra ― Conqueror of the foes

Strong as a rock, Lord Rama gives succor to the distressed as He has vowed to protect them by destroying the foes, and relieving them of agonies.

Jagadgurave ― Spiritual teacher of the Universe

There is none in comparison in values to Lord Rama who knows dharma, artha and kama. He has an excellent memory, never revealing secrets, thrifty when necessary and generous as well as the ideal Spiritual Teacher of the universe.

Rakshavanara Sangatine ― Saviour of boars and monkeys

The very Cause of the Being of the world, and ultimately with whom the whole world coalesces at the end, Lord Rama is the saviour of animals like the boars and the monkeys.

Chitrakoota Samashraya ― Engrossed in Chitrakoota’s beauty

The noble and gentle Rama made Chitrakoota in Panchavati His abode during His term of exile. Here He was rapt in the beauty and serenity of the lovely forest.

Jayantatranavarada ― Granting boon to save Jayanta

Lord Rama the Creator, the Protector and the Destroyer, is the Supreme Lord. He is the savior of the helpless and the downtrodden, relieving them of agonies and protecting them from evil. By granting a boon to Jayanta, He saved him from destruction and ruin.

Sumitraputra Sevita ― Worshipped by Sumitra’s son

Lakshmana, Rama’s younger brother, and Sumitra’s son, worshipped his beloved brother and the ground He walked on. He was prepared to forsake the comfort of home to the woodlands where Rama was to stay in exile.

Sarvadevadideva ― Lord of the Lords

The mighty Kshatriya Warrior of the Solar race, Lord Rama is the Master of the earth, and of the three worlds. As the Supreme Lord of the universe, He is Lord of the lords.

Mrutavanarajeevana ―  Reviver of dead monkeys

Experienced in the ways of the world, Lord Rama offers shelter in His grace to His devotees. When Ravana’s men killed numerous monkeys on the battlefield, Lord Rama revived them, being the performer of amazing deeds.

Mayamarichahantre ― Slayer of imaginary Maricha

The demon Tataka’s son, Maricha, disguised as a deer, enchants Rama and lures Him away from Sita, till Rama, in fury, fires the snake-shaft that lulls the wily demon.

Mahadeva ― Lord of the Lords

The greatest of all, Lord Rama is the darling object of reverence to the enemy of God of Love (Shiva), or Mahadeva, and is adored by Brahma and other divinities as an embodiment of Pure Consciousness.

Mahabhuja ― Giant-sized shoulders

The noble prince of Ayodhya, with giant-sized shoulders, is strong-armed, broad-cheated, magnificent and stately like the lion.

Sarvadevastuta ― Worshipped by all celestial beings

The Supreme Lord of the three worlds is revered and worshipped by all the celestial beings. He is adored by them for His prowess in the Vedas and for His all-knowing and all-seeing powers.

Saumya ― Ever-smiling and gentle

With a benign and calm face, the ever-smiling and gentle Rama is pleasant and dignified. His graceful gait and serene demeanor is never perturbed, even during strifes and distress. He is the controller of the senses and is the fountain of bliss.

Brahmanya ― Supreme Godhead

The indestructible, undeceiving, valiant Rama is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the all-knowing-Almighty. He is the self-lighted and Omnipresent Supreme Godhead.

Munisamstuta ― Worshipped by sages

Lord Rama, always sweet of speech, is humble about His prowess. He is pure-hearted, and of chaste and gentle demeanor which endears Him to sages who worship Him.

Mahayogine ― Great Meditator

The glory of the Raghu race, the valiant warrior, Lord Rama meditated deeply as taught by sages and by elders of His race.

Mahodara ― Very Generous

The Great Lord Rama, with His lotus-eyes and gentle, moon-like face, is full of generosity and kindness for His subjects. He is great in gifts and great in glory.

Sugreevepsita Rajyada ― Recovering Sugreeva’s kingdom for him

Lord Rama is adored by Sugreeva who is the king of the vanaras or monkeys. Lord Rama slays Sugreeva’s brother Vali and restores the kingdom to the faithful Sugreeva.

Sarva Punyadhikaphala ― Answers prayers

Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is the beacon of all knowledge and Omnipotent God who draws His beloved devotees to Himself when they are in distress.

Smrutasarvaghanashana ― Destroyer of sins

While devotees seek shelter in Him by concentrating and meditating upon Him, He destroys their sins, and alleviates their miseries.

Adipurusha ― Primordial being

The handsome, noble Kshatriya Prince of the Raghu race, Lord Rama is the Primordial being, the Preserver or the Sustainer of the world, and hence, the Supreme.

Paramapurusha ― Supreme being

The ornament of the Solar race, Lord Rama is the Supreme Being, transcending everything and beyond everything.

Mahapurusha ― Great being

The noble Son of the Raghu race, Lord Rama is like the Vedas, showing the right direction to righteousness. He is the great warrior who vanquishes the evil and establishes righteousness.

Punyodaya ― Granter of immortality

The great Prince of the Ikshvakus, Lord Rama is the Omniscient, the Omnipresent, the Supreme Lord who grants immortality to devotees who surrender unto Him totally.

Dayasara ― Essence of kindness

The ever-smiling, radiant Lord Rama is always pleased with the smallest kindness, for He is Himself very kind. He forgives a hundred pettinesses but is the destroyer of all evils.

Puranapurushottama ― Supreme being of the Puranas

The glorious descendant of the Solar race, Lord Rama, the Primal Cause of all nature, is the fountainhead of knowledge. He is the Supreme Being of the Puranas, embodying its ultimate meaning.

Smitavaktra ― Smiling face

The illustrious scion of the Raghu race, Lord Rama wears a pleasing smile on His gentle face which shines like the full moon after a long period of darkness.

Mitabhashine ― Seldom speaks

The noble Rama is as serene as a calm ocean. He seldom speaks, but when He does, He speaks so mellifluent and sweetly that His speech is like music to the ears.

Purvabhashine ― Speaks in advance

The Ocean of Knowledge, the mine of all virtues is Lord Rama. He is aware of all that has been, is, and will be, and speaks of events that are to occur.

Raghava ― Named after the Raghu race

Born as a great Kshatriya Prince of the Raghu race, and named after it, Lord Rama shines with the dazzle of the sun and the moon. His appearance is like the sun entering the dark clouds.

Anantaguna Gambhira ― Endowed with virtues

Shining like the stars in the four quarters, the lotus-eyed and handsome Rama is filled with all virtues that ennoble Him. He has no equal in any field, He is the Supreme.

Dheerodatta Gunottama ― Valiant, yet kind-hearted

The valiant Lord Rama, glowing with the radiance of a mother’s blessings, takes shelter in dharma. Being a kind and good Kshatriya, He never entertains mindless violence.

Mayamanushacharitra ―Taking the human form

The finest of the Raghava princes, Lord Rama is Divine Vishnu incarnated as human to destroy Ravana and the other demons, and to bring dharma amongst the people.

Mahadevadi Pujita ― Worshipped by Shiva and the celestials

Lord Rama is highly reputed for establishing dharma amongst gods and men and offering shelter to His subjects from demons and evil practices. He is adored by even Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma, and the celestial beings.

Setukrute ― Builder of the bridge

With the help of Nala, the son of Vishwakarma, the celestial architect, Lord Rama builds the bridge over the ocean, a long bridge, superbly constructed, cemented with divine powers.

Jitavarashaye ― Conqueror of the ocean

The dauntless Rama, who sent Lord Hanuman in quest of His beloved wife Sita, conquered the rolling waters of the boundless ocean and bridged the distance to save Sita from the dreaded Ravana.

Sarvateerthamaya ― Totally sacred water

Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is reposing on the Ocean of Milk, and His mere presence turns the waters of the ocean sacred.


The Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent and Supreme Lord Rama is the destroyer of sins and vile tendencies. He is the slayer of the demons, who represents evil, and the punisher of the wrong-doers.

Shyamanga ― Dark-colored

The lotus-eyed, handsome Rama, with a dark skin like the clouds, is young and energetic, a valiant warrior of the Solar race, and a very fine and clear judge of character.

Sundara ― Handsome

Born of noble birth, Lord Rama is as good looking as the Gandharva king, powerful and shining like the evening sun surrounded by red-flecked clouds.

Shoora ― Valiant

Strong-armed Rama is the savior of all. He can never be vanquished and no weapon can harm Him. He is a tiger among men, and a foe-crusher.

Peetavasaya ―  Yellow-robed

Lord Rama personifies auspiciousness and His yellow robes signify His purity and wisdom.

Dhanurdhara ― With bow in hand

Always armed with the divine bow in His hand, the valiant Prince, Lord Rama excels His father in the science of bow craft and archery.

Sarvayajnadhipa ― Lord of all sacrificial offerings

The darling Son of Kausalya, the great Scion of the Raghu race, the follower of Hari and of His father’s orders, Lord Rama is the Lord of all sacrificial offerings.

Yajna ― One who performs yajnas

Resplendently attired, Lord Rama is the man par excellence for the whole world. He becomes one with all His subjects. He is resolute, profound and dignified even in distress, performing yajnas to propitiate the gods and invoke their blessings.

Jaramarana Varjita ― Having no birth or death

Lord Rama has no beginning and no end. He is beyond form and attributes, and is limitless.

Vibhishana Pratishthatre ― Crowned Vibhishana as King of Lanka

The lotus-eyed Lord Rama, with a serene smile on His face, is the universally honored Lord of the lords. After killing the ten-headed Ravana He crowned Vibhishana as the King of Lanka.

Sarvapagunavarjita ― Destroyer of evil qualities

Rooted in truth and firm in dharma, the gracious Lord is the Destroyer of wrong-doers and evil. He takes the human form to vanquish evil and uphold dharma.

Paramatmane ― The Supreme

The valiant warrior of the Raghu race, Lord Rama is Lord of the lords, the Greatest of the greats, the Supreme.

Parabrahmane ― Supreme Godhead

Lord Rama is Narayana, armed with the Sudarshana chakra. He is the Invincible, the Formless, the Attribute less, the Supreme Godhead.

Sacchidananda Vigraha ― Form of eternal bliss

The dharma-knowing Rama is the source of eternal bliss which pervades the whole universe, spreading joy all around.

Paramjyotishe ― Most spectacular radiance

Lord Rama, the invincible, radiates the most spectacular effulgence from His being, engulfing everything around Him.

Paramdhamne ― Lord of Vaikuntha

Dwelling at the superior place, Vaikuntha, and who is ever conscious and awakened, who pervades all worlds but Himself remains stationary, Lord Rama is the Ashrama, the resting place of all, the grand abode of all.

Prakasha ― Bright

A salient feature of Lord Rama’s personality is His radiance which is akin to the brightness of a thousand suns.

Paratpara ― Greatest of the Greats

The all-knowing Lord Rama is the teacher of all the learned, the great sages. He is well-versed in the Vedas and is the Guru of the gurus, the greatest of the greats.

Paresha ― Lord of the lords

The great scion of the Raghu race, Lord Rama is Lord of the lords, the Self-born-One. He is without beginning or end, and the cause of all creation.

Paraga ― Uplifter of the poor

The Supreme Lord Rama, who sees the apparent world created by His wish, and which is visible to His all-pervading sight, is the uplifter of the poor, and the light of their vision who protects them.

Para ― The Ultimate

Having the Ultimate Reality, Lord is the Omniscient, the Omnipresent and Lord Supreme.

Sarvadevatmaka ― Dweller in all Gods

Lord Rama, the darling son of King Dasharatha, enchanting as the full-moon, Protector of His subjects, Upholder of His word, the Terror of His foes, and dharma’s faithful Lord, dwells in all gods, being their Lord.

Parasmai ― Most Superior

The handsome scion of the Raghu race, Lord Rama is unrivalled in wisdom, skill and good fortune. He is clever and learned, and worshipped by such divinities like Brahma, Narada and other gods and sages, as He is the Most Superior.

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