Ten Qualities of Lord Rama

Jaya Sri Ram! As we enter into the auspicious ten days of the Dasara, which will culminate in the Vijayadashami, the day of victory of Good, represented by Lord Rama over the Evil-Ravana; we bring you a series of narrations from Ramayana, describing ten transcendental qualities of Lord Ramachandra, one for every day of the Dussehra.

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Quality-1: Lord Rāma, The Invincible

Quality 2: Lord Rāma, the Redeemer

Quality 3: Lord Rāma, the Adherent

Quality 4: Lord Rāma, the most Adored

Quality 5: Lord Rāma, Ekapatni vratastha

Quality 6: Lord Rāma, the Grateful

Quality 7: Lord Rāma, engages everyone in his service

Quality 8: Lord Rāma, the exterminator of evil

Quality 9: Lord Rāma, the altruistic

Quality 10: Lord Rāma, the ever serene

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