iskcon vrindavanSrila Prabhupada, in a lecture in Bombay said that constructing a nice skyscraper temple for Krishna is also a Krishna conscious vision. “This is Krishna conscious vision. ‘Oh, there are so many skyscrapers. Why not construct a nice skyscraper temple of Krishna?’ That is Krishna consciousness.” In another lecture, Srila Prabhupada explained how our tendencies can be utilized for Krishna in order to purify our material activities.

The temple complex will comprise Vrindavana Chandrodaya Mandir, Krishna Lila Park, Krishna Heritage Museum, Krishna Vaas and Krishna Kutir Retreats. The project will also have many more attractive features. A capsule elevator will take the visitors through the planetary systems to the viewing gallery at the top of the structure where one can have a breathtaking Braj Mandal Darshan. The twelve verdant forests of Vrindavana (dva-dasha kanana) replete with elegant vistas of flower and fruit bearing trees, serenaded with bird songs are recreated exactly as described in the source books of Krishna. There will be a meandering and gurgling Yamuna creek punctuated with lotus-filled ponds that transport one to the world and times of Sri Krishna. The important places of Sri Krishna’s pastimes in Braj will be portrayed in an entertaining manner for the whole family.

The rich heritage and artistic celebration of Krishna in diverse cultures of India practiced and perfected over thousands of years, will be showcased. Vrindavana Chandrodaya Mandir aims to bring about an awakening among Indians and showcase a nation that is not only full of talent, creativity and energy but also adorned with exalted values and character guided by a spiritual worldview. Vrindavana Chandrodaya Mandir aspires to put Vrindavana on the world map.

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