Hanuman Jayanti is the celebration of the auspicious appearance day of Sri Hanuman, an ardent devotee and eternal servitor of Lord Sri Ramachandra.

In India, there are hundreds and thousands of temples dedicated to Hanuman. In all the Vaishnava temples, there is at least a shrine dedicated to him. Devotees worship and pray to him to remove the obstacles in the path of their devotional service. In our temple there is a small shrine for the Deity of Hanuman near the entrance of Prahlada Narasimha Temple.

In various parts of the country, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on different days. In some places (especially in Maharashtra) it is observed on Chaitra Purnima. In Tamilnadu and Kerala, it is celebrated in the month of Margazhi (December – January). As per the Odiya calendar it is celebrated on the first day of Vaishaka month. In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh it is celebrated on Vaishaka Krishna Dashami, the 10th day of the waning moon in the month of Vaishaka. In our temple, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated as per the local tradition on Vaishaka (May) Krishna Paksha Dashami.

We invite you all to participate online in the celebrations and seek the blessings of Sri Hanuman.

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Sri Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations

Under the prevailing situation of national lockdown, we will be observing Sri Hanuman Jayanti festival this year, on June 4, 2021, to celebrate the divine appearance of Sri Hanuman.

All devotees are requested to demonstrate their respect for the government restrictions on moving out from home as responsible citizens. No one is permitted to visit the temple on June 4, 2021.

Resident devotees on Hare Krishna Hill will conduct the festival, respecting the social distancing norms. The devotees shall also offer special prayers to Sri Hanuman for the protection of all the devotees and for the welfare of the world.

All the devotees may participate in the festival by visiting us online 6 pm onward.

However, there is a unique opportunity for all of you to participate in this year’s Hanuman Jayanti festival from your home by cooking a feast for Sri Hanuman. The feast can include traditional items like butter and vada. A unique opportunity to participate in the festival:

Offer the feast to the picture of our Hare Krishna Hill’s Sri Hanuman deity and honour the prasadam.

We pray to Sri Hanuman for protection, good health, and welfare of the world, in the wake of the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic.

Wishing you all good health and Krishna consciousness,

Hare Krishna!
Madhu Pandit Dasa
Temple President


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Hare Krishna!

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