Brahmotsava is an annual festival celebrated for 12 days in the month of Chaitra to commemorate the appearance of the Deities.

ISKCON conducts a summer camp for the students from classes I to X.

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Watch this short video on Churna Abhisheka.

The tenth day of the Brahmotsava festival on April 22, 2014 at Sri Radha Krishna temple, ISKCON.

Capture Krishna Photography Contest is an International Photography Contest organized by the ISKCON, Bangalore. 

Seva Kartas
  • Bipin Kumar Agarwal, Bangalore
  • Shetty S R, Bangalore
  • Kishan Kashyap, Bangalore
  • Pankaj Verma, Bangalore
  • Vijaya Kumar K C, Bangalore
  • Srinivasan K, Bangalore
  • Venkatesh Mudgal, Bangalore
  • Ganesha Shetty B, Bangalore
  • Madhukar M Prabhu, Bangalore
  • Thammanna Krishnappa, Bangalore
  • Nataraj V, Bangalore
  • Lalji D Patel, Bangalore
  • Shivprasad Nadubettu, Bangalore
  • Babu K, Bangalore
  • Thyagaraj T S, Bangalore
  • Babu Sampath, South Africa
  • Srinivas S N, Bangalore
  • Narayan Lal, Bangalore
  • Ravindra K Kedia, Bangalore
  • Vamsi Kalakuntla, Bangalore
  • Harish T R, Bangalore
  • Shashidhar N, Bangalore
  • Murali S, Bangalore