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Saturday 24 June 2017
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Gaura Arati

sri nitai gauranga

Here is a beautiful song on Gaura-arati: the grand arati ceremony for Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

This arati is also called Sandhya-arati because every evening (sandhya) at 7:00 pm, arati  is performed to Their Lordships  in the temple with incense, lamp, water, cloth, flowers, chamara and vyajana to the accompaniment of Gaura-arati song with melodious music.

Text One

(kiba) jaya jaya gaurachander aratiko shobha
jahnavi-tata-vane jaga-mana-lobha

All glories, all glories to the beautiful arati ceremony of Lord Chaitanya! This Gaura-arati is being performed in a grove on the bank of the Ganges and is captivating everyone in the universe.

Text Two

dakhine nitaichand, bame gadadhara
nikate adwaita, shrinivasa chatra-dhara

On Lord Chaitanya’s right is Lord Nityananda, and on His left is Sri Gadadhara. Nearby stands Sri Advaita, and Srivasa Thakura holds an umbrella over Lord Chaitanya’s head.

Text Three

bosiyache gaurachand ratna-simhasane
arati koren brahma-adi deva-gane

Lord Chaitanya has sat down on a jeweled throne, and Lord Brahma and the other demigods are performing His arati.

Text Four

narahari-adi kori’ chamara dhulaya
sanjaya-mukunda-basu-ghosh-adi gaya

As Narahari Sarakara and other associates of Lord Chaitanya fan Him with chamaras, Sanjaya Pandita, Mukunda Datta, Vasu Ghosha and other devotees sing sweet kirtana.

Text Five

shankha baje ghantha baje baje karatala
madhura mrdanga baje parama rasala

Conch shells, bells, and karatalas resound, and the mridangas play very sweetly. This kirtana music is supremely sweet and relishable to hear.

Text Six

bahu-koti chandra jini’ vadana ujjvala
gala-deshe bana-mala kore jhalamala

The brilliance of Lord Chaitanya’s face conquers millions upon millions of moons, and the garland of forest flowers around His neck shines.

Text Seven

shiva-shuka-narada preme gada-gada
bhakativinoda dekhe gaurara sampada

Lord Shiva, Shukadeva Gosvami, and Narada Muni are all present, and their voices are choked with the great ecstasy of transcendental love. Thus Thakura Bhaktivinoda envisions the glory of Lord Sri Chaitanya.

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