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Monday 22 April 2019
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Sri Brahmotsava

Category: Krishna Katha


What can God do if you surrender unto Him? – One interesting example

There are nine processes of bhakti — hearing, chanting and so on. One of the processes is atma-nivedanam, submitting one’s self to the...

Lord Brahma was thinking of how to lift the earth which was submerged in water

Appearance of Lord Varahadeva

In ancient times there were two brothers named Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha. They were demons born to sage Kashyapa Muni. They flaunted...


Pastimes of Lord Nityananda

Glorification of Lord Nityananda, His appearance and childhood, pilgrimage, distributing Krishna-prema and many other pastimes. Narottama...


Parama Karuna – Part 1

This is a play on one of the pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who appeared in Navadvipa and propagated Harinama Sankirtana....

nagar sankirtana

Parama Karuna – Part 2

In this part of ‘Parama Karuna’, the kirtan party goes to Srivasa Pandita’s house. Narada also comes there with Yamaraja...


Parama Karuna – Part 3

Lord Nityananda and Haridasa Thakura approach Jagai and Madhai, the two degraded brahmanas and request them to chant Hare Krishna. Scene...

jagai madhai

Parama Karuna – Part 4

Lord Nityananda saves Jagai and Madhai from the Sudarshana chakra invoked by Lord Chaitanya. The play ends with a grand kirtana. Scene 9:...

narasimha killing hiranyakashipu prahlada garlanding the lord

Sri Narasimha Lila

Read Narasimha Lila to know how a doorkeeper in Vaikuntha takes birth as demon Hiranyakashipu and is killed by Lord Narasimha. Sages visit...

Lord Balarama yamuna

Divine Appearance and Pastimes of Lord Balarama

Can you name the demons killed by Lord Balarama? Watch videos and read about Lord Balarama’s wonderful pastimes of killing demons. Once...

killing of trinavrita demon

Demons Killed by Krishna – Part 1

Enjoy reading stories with videos of little Krishna, the beloved child of Yashoda killing Putana, Trinavarta, Aghasura and Bakasura. The...

killing of trinavrita demon

Demons Killed by Krishna – Part 2

Read the wonderful pastimes and also watch videos of Lord Krishna and Balarama killing various demons during Their childhood days....

killing of trinavrita demon

Demons Killed by Krishna – Part 3

Little Krishna fights valiantly and kills the demons Aristasura, Kesi and Vyomasura. Read these stories and watch videos. ARISTASURA THE...