Swagatam Krishna: A poem welcoming Krishna into our life! By Madhusudhan R


Swagatham Krishna

‘Krishna’- a one word poem of Love.

I have seen you Krishna, in every dew drop reflecting the light,
in every child laughing with joy; I have seen you in every form you
tried to hide.

I have heard your song, Krishna, In the birds that wake me up
and in the moments I observe silence,. There is no song in your
praise that ends without giving me tears.

I may fight my thoughts, I may let my ego win, but I feel lighter
when I surrender to your will. I pick my battles not out of arrogance
but with the belief that you reside in me, smiling. The sound of my
beating heart is the sound of your feet as you dance in my heart.
Kalinga-Narthana, dance on my demons.

You know all my stories, secrets, insecurities, choices- the good
ones and the bad ones. And I know this to be true to the person next
to me too. I know you are smiling as you are interlacing our lives, like
a mother knitting a sweater, bringing all our lives together leaving us
to wonder what the purpose of all this is.

Every time I questioned my existence, peace would return to
me when I remember I am nothing but a part of you; I am only a
fibre in a fabric, a drop in an ocean, which you are.

You are the light that shines through my soul, the flame that
keeps my physical form alive. It is this body that separates me from
you, yet it is this body that helps me experience you through
devotion. What can I offer to the omnipotent? But myself.

With your knowledge of all Vedas and glory of the thousand
suns, help me fight this Illusion. Detach me from this material world
and accept me as your own. For I know your love is the kind my soul
yearns for, oh Vaikuntavasa.

“Krishna” It is a beautiful feeling, taking your name in silence. It
is like you are listening to me, holding my hand. I know this to be
true, because I can feel your aura surrounding me. You are always
with me, Vasudeva.

This Janmashtami, I may not be in your temple with everyone,
chanting your name and singing in your praise, forgetting who I am.
But in this moment as I let go of my fears, quit fighting my thoughts
and chant your name, Krishna, bless our soul, sing through our heart
and make our sorrows weigh lighter, Gowardana Giridhari.

Embrace us and accept our love…
Swagatham Krishna…

About the author :
Madhusudhan wrote his first novel ‘Journey Across The Street’ at a young age of 21 and received very good reviews. His hobbies have changed from time to time but watching people behave remained his favorite.
He has written short films, ad films and along the side has also completed his bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical engineering. He is currently working as a design engineer in a well known Aerospace firm. He also has a keen interest in spirituality and is an ardent admirer of Krishna.
Connect him at Goodreads  Poetry blog: @word_peddler on Instagram