Maharshi Veda Vyasa By Smt. Rekha Prakash

-By Smt. Rekha Prakash

The first and the foremost
in Guru Lineages,
As a ‘Chiranjeevi’ HE lives on
Through the Ages;

HE classified the Vedas
into divisions Four,
Comprising all the wisdom
of the Universe, to the Core;

HE was feeling
Even after writing
‘Mahabharat’, the Epic;

Hence, on the advice of
Sage Narada,
HE wrote
‘Srimad Bhagavata’;

Thus praising
Lord Krishna’s Glories,
Of countless verses
in Series;

‘Srimad Bhagavatam’ is
Lord Krishna’s literary incarnation,
And Veda Vyas Himself
being the Lord’s Expansion;

‘Priceless Gems’ are HIS works
for generations of Humanity,
Let us all bow to HIM
in all Humility.