Srila Haridas Thakura – By Smt. Rekha Prakash


Srila Haridas Thakura

-By Smt. Rekha Prakash

A great devotee of Lord Chaitanya
and HIS dear associate,
Who was Lord Brahma’s incarnate
and a Renunciate ;

Born as a
Modest Muslim,
In His heart, the devotion
filled to the Brim;

With Sri Hari’s name in His
Heart and on His Lips,
His mind unwavering in devotion
Never to Slip;

He was beaten
Black and blue,
For chanting
Sri Hari’s Name,

But undeterred He went on,
for, pleasing His
Beloved Lord,
Was His only Aim;

In Puri, He stayed under His Lord’s
Shelter and Care,
Their association a Divine
Class Beyond Compare;

He took the Lord’s name
Till His last Breath,
To receive His Blessings
Beyond Life and death.