Ambarisha Maharaja’s prayers to Sudarshana Chakra


Jaya Sri Sudarshana Maha Chakra ki…!

Wishing all of you a Happy Sudarshana Jayanti 2020!

Sri Sudarshana Maha chakra is one of the transcendental weapons of the Supreme Lord Vishnu/Krishna. As the Supreme Lord is a completely transcendental and spiritual personality (divya), His name, form, pastimes and paraphernalia are not different from Him and all of them are under the same category of spiritual existence called Vishnu Tattva as the Lord Vishnu Himself. Thus Sri Sudarshana Chakra is also a spiritual personality.

During this prevailing situation of COVID-19 pandemic, let us all pray to Sri Sudarshana Chakra for His mercy and protection against all the negative elements of the world and bless us with good health and ability to serve the Lord eternally.

Srila Prabhupada about Sudarshana Chakra: (From Srimad Bhagavatam 9.5 Summary)

What is this Sudarśana cakra?

The Sudarśana chakra is the glance of the Supreme Personality of Godhead by which He creates the entire material world. Sa aikṣata, sa asṛjata. This is the Vedic version. The Sudarśana chakra, which is the origin of creation and is most dear to the Lord, has thousands of spokes. This Sudarśana chakra is the killer of the prowess of all other weapons, the killer of darkness, and the manifester of the prowess of devotional service; it is the means of establishing religious principles, and it is the killer of all irreligious activities. Without his mercy, the universe cannot be maintained, and therefore the Sudarśana chakra is employed by the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

In the Srimad Bahagavatam, Ninth Canto, we come across the story of a pure devotee of lord, Ambarisha Maharaja, who engaged all his senses in devotional service of the Lord. Once, when the yogi Durvasa Muni attempted to curse Ambarisha Maharaja, Sri Sudarshana Chakra came to his rescue and chased Durvasa Muni. The sage Durvasa couldn’t escape from Sri Sudarshana’s wrath even after seeking refuge in the three worlds. Finally, he fell at the lotus feet of Ambarisha Maharaja and begged his forgiveness and sought for protection.

Then, the great devotee Ambarisha Maharaja offered the following prayers to pacify Sri Sudarshana Chakra and begged Him to forgive Durvasa Muni.

Ambarisha Maharaja’s prayers to Sudarshana Chakra from Srimad Bhagavatam:

ambarīṣa uvāca
tvam agnir bhagavān sūryas
tvaṁ somo jyotiṣāṁ patiḥ
tvam āpas tvaṁ kṣitir vyoma
vāyur mātrendriyāṇi ca

Mahārāja Ambarīṣa said: O Sudarśana cakra, you are fire, you are the most powerful sun, and you are the moon, the master of all luminaries. You are water, earth and sky, you are the air, you are the five sense objects [sound, touch, form, taste and smell], and you are the senses also.

sudarśana namas tubhyaṁ
sarvāstra-ghātin viprāya
svasti bhūyā iḍaspate

O most favorite of Acyuta, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, you have thousands of spokes. O master of the material world, destroyer of all weapons, original vision of the Personality of Godhead, I offer my respectful obeisances unto you. Kindly give shelter and be auspicious to this brāhmaṇa.

tvaṁ dharmas tvam ṛtaṁ satyaṁ
tvaṁ yajño ’khila-yajña-bhuk
tvaṁ loka-pālaḥ sarvātmā
tvaṁ tejaḥ pauruṣaṁ param

O Sudarśana wheel, you are religion, you are truth, you are encouraging statements, you are sacrifice, and you are the enjoyer of the fruits of sacrifice. You are the maintainer of the entire universe, and you are the supreme transcendental prowess in the hands of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. You are the original vision of the Lord, and therefore you are known as Sudarśana. Everything has been created by your activities, and therefore you are all-pervading.

namaḥ sunābhākhila-dharma-setave
hy adharma-śīlāsura-dhūma-ketave
trailokya-gopāya viśuddha-varcase
mano-javāyādbhuta-karmaṇe gṛṇe

O Sudarśana, you have a very auspicious hub, and therefore you are the upholder of all religion. You are just like an inauspicious comet for the irreligious demons. Indeed, you are the maintainer of the three worlds, you are full of transcendental effulgence, you are as quick as the mind, and you are able to work wonders. I can simply utter the word “namaḥ,” offering all obeisances unto you.

tvat-tejasā dharma-mayena saṁhṛtaṁ
tamaḥ prakāśaś ca dṛśo mahātmanām
duratyayas te mahimā girāṁ pate
tvad-rūpam etat sad-asat parāvaram

O master of speech, by your effulgence, full of religious principles, the darkness of the world is dissipated, and the knowledge of learned persons or great souls is manifested. Indeed, no one can surpass your effulgence, for all things, manifested and unmanifested, gross and subtle, superior and inferior, are but various forms of you that are manifested by your effulgence.

yadā visṛṣṭas tvam anañjanena vai
balaṁ praviṣṭo ’jita daitya-dānavam
vṛścann ajasraṁ pradhane virājase

O indefatigable one, when you are sent by the Supreme Personality of Godhead to enter among the soldiers of the Daityas and the Dānavas, you stay on the battlefield and unendingly separate their arms, bellies, thighs, legs and heads.

sa tvaṁ jagat-trāṇa khala-prahāṇaye
nirūpitaḥ sarva-saho gadā-bhṛtā
viprasya cāsmat-kula-daiva-hetave
vidhehi bhadraṁ tad anugraho hi naḥ

O protector of the universe, you are engaged by the Supreme Personality of Godhead as His all-powerful weapon in killing the envious enemies. For the benefit of our entire dynasty, kindly favor this poor brāhmaṇa. This will certainly be a favor for all of us.

yady asti dattam iṣṭaṁ vā
sva-dharmo vā svanuṣṭhitaḥ
kulaṁ no vipra-daivaṁ ced
dvijo bhavatu vijvaraḥ

If our family has given charity to the proper persons, if we have performed ritualistic ceremonies and sacrifices, if we have properly carried out our occupational duties, and if we have been guided by learned brāhmaṇas, I wish, in exchange, that this brāhmaṇa be freed from the burning caused by the Sudarśana cakra.

yadi no bhagavān prīta
ekaḥ sarva-guṇāśrayaḥ
dvijo bhavatu vijvaraḥ

If the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is one without a second, who is the reservoir of all transcendental qualities, and who is the life and soul of all living entities, is pleased with us, we wish that this brāhmaṇa, Durvāsā Muni, be freed from the pain of being burned.

Please recite these prayers on the occasion of Sudarshana Jayanti seeking shelter and protection from the Lord today