Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, The Golden Avatar


Tears of joy
rolling down HIS cheeks,
At Puri, He danced
on the Streets;

He held Kartals
in His hands,
and His neck adorned
with floral Garlands,

Chanting Hari Naama,
He went on without any Fears,
much to the hostility
from the Muslim Rulers;

A Yugavatar with a
Divine Vision,
And HIS Complexion
Being so Golden;

His heart filled
with Compassion,
and He spread
‘Hari Naam Sankirtan’;

Being born under a Neem Tree,
He was named “Nimai’,
and lovingly called ‘Gauranga’, as,
He was fair and a handsome Boy;

He was none other than lord
Krishna Himself Personified,
To lead the humanity
and Guide;

As Krishna He bestowed
The Gita, in Dwapara Yuga,
As Chaitanya, the Hari Naama
in Kali Yuga;

Thus He Paved a
new path of Devotion,
A simple yet an effective
way for Liberation.


~Rekha Prakash

sketch of mahaprabhu

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