A poem on Panihati Chida Dahi Festival: By Srimati Rekha Prakash


The meeting of Raghunath dasa
Goswami and Niyananda prabhu
is so significant,
and is celebrated as a Festive Event;

Called as the
Panihati chida dahi fete,
Which is truly
a visual treat,

The Lordships are taken a
few rounds on the Waters,
As they descend from
Their sacred Altars;

The bejewelled and
decorated Deities Afloat,
On a flower
bedecked Boat;

Amidst devotional chants
and melodious Notes,
At an Auspicious time
to worship and devote;

Offerings of
Chida dahi Feast,
Are made by the most
Revered Priests;

The entire celebration
is so unique,
Set in a scene
so picturesque;

Let’s Hail the Lord
Who is so Dear,
For being one among us,
dispelling all Fear.