JAGANNATH’S RATHA YATRA a poem by Srimati Rekha Prakash

Rath yatra mahaprabhu


Lord Jagannath’s Ratha Yatra
renowned Worldwide,
With lakhs of people watching
the spectacle Wide eyed;

The Lordships bless,
descending from the Temple,
And Their unique forms
being so Transcendental ;

The Ratha adorned with
a red cloth of Mirrors,
Dazzling in sunlight,
and in all Glitters;

The Deities inside, painted
In myriad Colours,
Adorable and Beaming,
adding a Divine Lustre;

The Chariots of wonder
Start rolling on the Streets,
Swaying and Staggering
Pulled by HIS Devotees;

They want HIM to go back to
Vrindavan, so says the Legend,
Their love and bonding
for many lives Extend;

The religious fete
is celebrated from Ages,
Graced and Witnessed
By Heavenly Gods and Sages;

The Master of the Universe
brings everything to a Standstill,
And the Ratha moves
only by His Supreme Will;

The Lord and His devotees
share a bonding of Oneness,
Signifying His unlimited
Mercy and Kindness;

This religious festival
That is Ages-old,
Is truly a sight
to Behold.

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