Sri Krishna Janmashtami: Lord Krishna, the complete incarnation

Lord Sri Krishna incarnated on earth around 5,000 years ago as the son of Devaki and Vasudeva in response to the prayers of the devatas to reduce the burden created by the demons. As we approach the most auspicious occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami this September 6 & 7, 2023, let us delve into the significance of the festival.

Lord Krishna is our only true refuge

One might wonder if the observance of these festivals is still necessary in this modern age of science and technology. Acharyas emphatically say they will continue to be important at all times. We are in search of eternity, knowledge and bliss. For example, everyone wants a permanent job and house. Everyone goes to schools and colleges to gain knowledge. Everyone wants warm, loving relationships with family and friends. Despite our best efforts like these, we feel dissatisfied. This is because, as spirit souls, we can be only satisfied by coming in contact with Krishna, the Supreme Spirit. There, the Lord incarnates time and again to remind us of our true nature and goal in life.

The importance of Lord Krishna’s holy names

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the golden avatar of Lord Krishna in this Kali-yuga, revealed His simple message of chanting Krishna’s holy names to connect with Him directly. In this material world, there is a difference between the name and the person or object referred to by it. There is no such difference between Krishna and His names. The transcendental Lord has invested all His energies in His holy names to help us associate with Him.

nama chintamanih krsnas
purnah suddho nitya-mukto
bhinnatvan nama-naminoh

(Padma Purana)

He is non-different from them. So, by constantly chanting Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, we easily come in touch with the Lord and become liberated. Other processes, such as the performance of fire sacrifices, require stricter adherence to rules and regulations. The Adi Purana also reveals that there is no higher spiritual activity than chanting the holy names.

Feeling Lord Krishna’s presence

In the spiritual dimension, the Lord and His associates have beautiful spiritual forms and enjoy eternal, loving pastimes. He is also seated in the hearts of all living beings in this world as a witness and well-wishing friend. However, He cannot be seen with our limited senses. So, the Lord, being compassionate and omnipotent, makes Himself accessible to our senses in the form of the Archa Vigraha (Deity).

We can deepen our relationship with Him through His holy names, His Deity in the temples and puja rooms, scriptures like the Bhagavad-gita, Srimad-Bhagavatam, festivals like Janmashtami, and His prasadam (sanctified food). By using these gifts with gratitude, we can feel His presence in our day-to-day lives and make swift progress on our path back home, back to Godhead.

Lord Krishna – The Purna Avatara

We often hear the word Bhagavan used to refer to God or a powerful person. The meaning of Bhagavan is explained by Parasara Muni as follows:

aishvaryasya samagrasya
viryasya yasasah sriyah
jnana-vairagyayos chaiva
sannam bhaga itingana

(Vishnu Purana 6.5.47)

Bhagavan is the One who possesses six opulence unlimitedly  – strength, fame, wealth, knowledge, beauty, and renunciation. As His parts and parcels, we are attracted to these qualities.

incarnation lord krishna

There are five kinds of relationships a soul can have Him:

  1. Neutrality in appreciation of His greatness like the four Kumaras
  2. Servitude like Hanuman
  3. Friendship like Arjuna
  4. Parental love like Yashoda and Nanda
  5. Conjugal love like the gopis

Krishna displayed all His opulences and relationships mentioned above. Whereas in other incarnations, only certain aspects of His opulence are displayed. Lord Narasimha, for example, showed His supreme strength in killing the demon, Hiranyakashipu. Lord Ramachandra followed the eka-patnī-vrata. Lord Krishna exhibits a loving intimacy generally not shown in other forms. Hence, He is considered the Purna Avatara.


Sri Krishna is the most loving and easily approachable personality in existence. And He is fully capable of accepting and reciprocating our love. Let this festival of Janmashtami inspire us to deepen our bond with Him.

We wish you and all your loved ones a happy Janmashtami. Please join us in the below locations for the festivities and be blessed.

  • 6 & 7 Sept at Hare Krishna Hill, Rajajinagar and Vaikuntha Hill, Vasanthapura
  • 7 & 8 Sept at KTPO, Whitefield.

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