India’s Celebration of Krishna – Part 3

Discover the Vaishnava temples in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and also Vrindavan whose glories were revealed by Srila Prabhupada.

Sri Rajagopalaswami

Tamil Nadu is home to some of the largest and most beautiful Vaishnava temples, and among these is the Sri Rajagopalaswami temple at Mannargudi. Sri Rajagopalaswami appeared to fulfil the ardent prayers of two sages, appearing in thirty two forms. But He stayed on as a cowherd boy, adorned in a single garment, wielding a golden whip in His right hand, as He appears while grazing His cows in the pastures of Vrindavana. The Tamil language is replete with the choicest collection of devotional poetry dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Some of the prominent Krishna temples in Tamil Nadu are:

Sri Parthasarathy – Chennai
Kalinga Narthana – Oothukadu, Kumbakonam
Pandava Doothar – Kanchipuram
Deepa Prakasha – Kanchipuram

Kerala is the land that appeared when Lord Parashurama, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, threw His battle axe into the ocean at Kanyakumari. Said to be ruled by Maharaja Bali, Prahlada’s grandson, tradition says that he returns to Kerala on Onam, every year, from Patala-loka, where he rules since his going away from the earth.

The Krishna temple at Guruvayur, established by Brihaspathi and Vayudeva, houses the Deity that Lord Krishna Himself installed in Dvaraka. The Lord had entrusted the Deity to His cousin Uddhava to worship in His absence, after Krishna had ended His pastimes on earth. It was salvaged by Brihaspathi in the flood that devastated Dvaraka at the end of Dvapara yuga.

Some of the prominent Krishna temples in Kerala are:

Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna temple – Thrissur
Sri Krishna temple – Guruvayur

Uttar Pradesh, the most densely populated state of India, boasts of the transcendental abode of Lord Krishna – Vrindavan. This land also known as Braj, has the divine footprints of Lord Krishna everywhere. Braj is the land of over 5000 temples, each signifying Krishna’s various pastimes.

The pastimes of Lord Krishna have inspired theatrical performances in Uttar Pradesh, which are known as Rasa Lilas, enacted during festivals all over the state, particularly in Braj. Holi, the festival of colours is best celebrated in Uttar Pradesh, since Krishna’s appearance there, when He engaged the cowherd men and women in this game of smearing colour on each other in gay abandon.

Some of the prominent Krishna temples in Vrindavan and Mathura in Uttar Pradesh are:

Sri Radha Gopinatha

Radha Govinda
Radha Gopinatha
Radha Madana Mohana
Radha Ramana
Radha Shyamasundara
Radha Damodara
Radha Gokulananda
Banke Bihari
Krishna Balaram
Radha Vrindavan Chandra

His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada introduced this transcendental land in its true form half a century ago to the world. He established ISKCON temples and introduced the worship of Lord Krishna all over the world. Srila Prabhupada’s missionary zeal has revealed the glories of Braja Bhumi to peoples of various countries and cultures. Srila Prabhupada is the greatest ambassador of India, opening to the world, not only India’s cultural wealth, but her deepest spiritual gift, the Vedic literature. He made this knowledge readily available through his books. Thus people have been attracted to worship the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna in His transcendental abode, glorify His pastimes and render devotional service to Him, to attain the perfection of human life – love for Krishna!

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