Novel Coronavirus… Is there a way out?

You may escape from the new Coronavirus but not from this age-old virus…Is there a way out?



Are you disturbed by the new Coronavirus outbreak?

Are you relieved that you are unaffected by the new Coronavirus?

Do you want to know about an age-old virus that is more dangerous than the Coronavirus?

Do you want to be immune from any kind of virus attacks?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions; then this article is for you. coronavirus
Coronavirus has been the talk of the town these days. Every one of us is thoroughly perturbed by these viruses. More than 70 countries and territories have been affected, with major outbreaks in Central China, South Korea, Italy, and Iran. Considering the impact of the outbreak the WHO has declared a global health emergency.

As of today, the official death toll from the coronavirus outbreak is around 6700.

Few headlines which say what we are doing to combat Coronavirus:

  • China builds a 1,000-bed hospital in six days to deal with coronavirus.
  • Coronavirus: China allocates $4 billion to combat deadly viruses.
  • Coronavirus: Scientists race to develop a vaccine.

Discover the most powerful, age-old virus:

While all of us are scared to hear about Coronovirus; getting live updates from the internet, every now and then, but there has been a virus, more dangerous than the Coronovirus but has remained unnoticed. In fact, the Coronaviruses are scared to hear about this virus. Yes, you read it right…

We may somehow escape from the Coronavirus attack by taking all precautions and become immune to it. But we can’t escape from this most powerful age-old virus. Even a coronavirus gets attacked by this virus in 9 days. In other words, the life span of a Coronavirus is 9 days. Yes, the virus we are talking about is Death; cruel death.

The world’s human population is 7.7 billion. Out of this, around 6700 people are massacred by Coronavirus until today. But do you know, every day how many people are getting massacred by this most powerful virus, I mean DEATH? It’s 151,600 people, yes these many people are dying every day.

We are putting huge efforts to combat coronavirus which has killed 6700 of us from the last few days, but we have ignored the most powerful virus, the DEATH, which is gulping 6,316 of us every hour. Looks like we are blindfolded by the cloth of ignorance! In fact, in next 100 years, almost all of us reading this article will be dead and gone, if not by Coronavirus by something else. Doesn’t that sound scary?

Death; timely or untimely is practically a full stop to our life.

Whole life we live with our friends, near and dear ones trying to enjoy every bit of life but suddenly after a few decades, there is a hard-stop to all that. Few days all our near and dear ones feel sorrowful but then slowly they get adjusted without even realizing they will have to die one day, or without even inquiring what is this death, why should one die, etc? Isn’t it absurd to see this mysterious death left unresolved? Just like the goats tied in front of a butcher shop go on eating the grass happily, neglecting the butcher who is going to kill them next, we have neglected death which is going to kill us one day or the other.

But can we really combat this death? Let’s brainstorm…

What is actually death? Why we die although none of us wish to die? Can’t we become deathless? Why we get diseased although none of us like to get diseases? Why are we getting old day by day although none of us like old age? Who are we actually?

These are the fundamental questions of life which we have kept aside although it’s about our own life.

Of course, its an undeniable fact that we are trying our best to handle these in our own limited ways. Say we take all possible precautions, cleanliness, diet, gym, etc to be hale and healthy but still some times we do contract diseases. We use antiageing creams, go to the best of the beauty salons to hide our ages but how long can we remain beautiful. We go to the best of the hospitals, consult best of the specialists when we are nearing death but how far do we succeed in conquering death.

We may say, getting diseased, growing old, dying these are all-natural in this world so why to break our heads. But why is it natural… Is there a way out? Let’s explore…

Firstly, who are we actually?

Our ancient Scriptures have answers for all such basic questions of life. Scriptures point out that we are spiritual beings part and parcel of God. And the good news is we are eternal, deathless. Yes, we are not the body but we are the spirit soul, living inside the body. The body is bound to die one day but not the soul. The body is only an external covering for the soul. In the Gita, Lord Krishna says:

avināśi tu tad viddhi

yenasarvamidaṁ tatam


na kaścit kartum arhati

That which pervades the entire body you should know to be indestructible. No one is able to destroy that imperishable soul.

The eternal soul always has to have a body to reside. But why is that the body has to die? That’s because currently the body we have is made of matter. Anything that is made of matter ceases out and anything made of spirit endures forever. So the current body is destined to get diseased, become old and die out one day.

Then, how about having a body made out of spirit? Yes, that solves the mystery of death.

Scriptures disclose that once we get a spiritual body then there is no more death. So the very goal of human life is to get a spiritual body and hence return to the spiritual world.

But unaware of this fact, we are in this material world, getting some material body of that of a human, a bird, a beast, etc each time the body wears out.

The spiritual body, unlike the material body, will never die. With a spiritual body, one can go to the spiritual world. A spiritual world, unlike the material world, is the pure, eternal abode of God and His pure associates. These associates of God always work to please God by offering Him varieties of loving services and themselves derive unlimited pleasure in it. We all are also entitled to live such an unending, fun-filled life with God serving Him nicely.

But then, why are we here?

We are here in this material world possessing a material body because of developing insincerity towards God. Becoming insincere, we have developed disliking towards God and His service and thus sent here. Just like we have kept all those affected by Coronavirus in separate hospitals similarly we are kept separate from God and the spiritual world. So this material world is like a hospital where we can get cured of our disease of insincerity and become sincere to God. Developing absolute sincerity, love for God we regain our spiritual body and gain entry to the spiritual world.

But why should we serve God?

It is always natural for the parts to serve the whole. We as part of God should serve God; after all, He is the one who is actually maintaining us. Just like all the parts of the body hands, legs, fingers, eyes, etc. serve the stomach by feeding food to the stomach and automatically all parts get nourished similarly when we serve God we get pleased automatically. But if the parts of the body start thinking, why I should serve the stomach, let me enjoy the food independently then they start becoming weak. Likewise, we have developed the idea of enjoying independent of God and come to this material world but unable to find the ultimate happiness here. The so-called happiness that we are experiencing here is actually puny, illusory and temporary. We, the souls are actually entitled to or looking for unlimited, real and permanent happiness. That kind of happiness is only available in the spiritual world and not here in this temporary world made of matter. After all, this world is like a hospital meant for treating our disease of insincerity towards God. Instead of taking the treatment and getting discharged from this hospital, we have settled here, trying to make it a better place to enjoy. Isn’t this the greatest folly?

The treatment:

Blissful life centered around God treatment to coronavirus

Scriptures won’t just point out the problem, they also offer us resolute and yet practical solutions. In scriptures, we get a blueprint for leading a happy, contented and meaningful life. As discussed earlier, developing insincerity towards God we have broken the relationship with God and landed here. To redevelop that relationship, we have to give our time for God; make Him the center of our life. Unfortunately, being carried away by the glitter of materialism and ignorance, we are spending almost all our time catering to the unending materialistic needs. At least now, we need to seriously consider investing a good amount of time in spiritual activities like reading scriptures, offering humble prayers to God, chanting the holy names of God, eating holy food (prasadam), visiting places of worship, etc. Such activities will make us understand God better and strengthen our relationship with Him. Such a God-centered life will keep us blissful in this life and at last offer us the everlasting spiritual body, the passport for the spiritual world.

A scene from the spiritual world…


Thus we can conquer the most powerful age-old virus – the DEATH and return to our eternal home to live with God, our father, a life of eternity, knowledge and blissfulness. And yes, achieving this real goal of life makes us immune to any kind of so-called viruses, eternally!

PS: My sincere prayers to all those who are victimized by the Coronavirus outbreak.


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