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ISKCON Sri Radha Krishna Temple is recognized as one among the famous temples in Bangalore. It has also become a much familiar landmark in the city and this temple will surely be one of the places to visit in Bangalore.

The main temple within the complex houses the Deities of Sri Radha Krishnachandra, Sri Krishna Balarama and Sri Nitai Gauranga (Sri Nityananda Prabhu and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu are two great devotees of the Lord who appeared over 500 years ago in India and spread the Harinam Sankirtan all over the country).

Within the main temple hall is the Deity of Srila Prabhupada, the founder-acharya of International Society of Krishna Consciousness.

Sri Srinivasa Govinda and Sri Prahlada Narasimha are worshipped in two smaller shrines before the main temple. In front of the Sri Prahlada Narasimha temple are the Deities of Sri Hanuman and Garuda Dev.

Radha Krishna

The temple is visited by thousands of people from various parts of the country and abroad every day as it is one of the major tourist attractions in Bangalore.Apart from darshan of the Deities, there are a lot more things of tourist interest here and one can easily spend half a day making the visit a memorable one.

As you step down from the main temple after having darshan, on the way out, you will be fascinated to see a very realistic life-size murti of Srila Prabhupada busy writing at his desk. Many visitors, in a hurry to go to their next place of visit, often miss to have a look at this murti.

Then you will find an interesting diorama portraying the theme of soul changing bodies. You can also go through a small write-up about this fundamental philosophical subject written in Hindi, Kannada and English languages at the diorama. It takes just 5 minutes to read it and then you will be able to appreciate it better.

Little Krishna

Once you reach the ground floor, you will pass through an expo with the pictures of different stages of temple construction on the Hare Krishna Hill and also about the Akshaya Patra midday meal scheme initiated by ISKCON Bangalore.

As you walk ahead, don’t miss the animation show. It is a 13 episode show of Little Krishna vanquishing demons in His childhood days. You can watch one of these episodes and it lasts for about 20 minutes. It is sure to delight the kids and the elders alike.

Next you will find the Dakshinakriti counter where you can enter with special permission. It is a sale-cum-exhibition of traditional arts and crafts of India for promoting and preserving Vedic art. This will encourage and support talented craftsmen by providing them an outlet for their works of art and craft. It will give them an opportunity to sustain themselves through the creations of their artistic expression through the Dakshinakriti.

Here you will find a variety of handicrafts that include framed pictures, statues made of metal, wood and marble, Puja materials like plates, bells and lamps of different designs, and many other ornamental pieces.

You can buy any item here as a souvenir or gift it to your friend. You can send your gifts directly from here by courier. This service is also available if you are not from the city and want to carry home some item. When you buy any one of the exquisite pieces here, you take home a valuable part of Indian culture and also the satisfaction of lending a helping hand to an unknown artist.

Guest House

Next you find a vast area with a series of counters where you can buy T-shirts, bags, watches, children’s stationery, etc., with Krishna’s picture on them. There are also laminated and framed pictures, beads, books, CDs, toys, incense and so on. The proceeds from the sale of these items are used to support charitable activities of the temple.

Finally you will reach the area of temple pond or kalyani. This is a nice place to sit and relax for some time with your friends. Here you can take pictures of your friends with a majestic view of the temple in the background or take selfies and upload them on our Facebook page. In the evening, the colorful fountains in the pond provide a visual delight and create a soothing and refreshing atmosphere for the visitors.

Nitya Annadana

If you happen to visit the temple during noon, never miss having the free lunch prasadam at Nitya Annadana Hall next to the pond. It is served every day between 11:30 am and 2:00 pm to all the visitors. The sumptuous prasadam consists of rice, sweet, subji, sambar and buttermilk.

Other ISKCON Bangalore Facilities

The Higher Taste Restaurant

The Higher Taste Restaurant

Kalyan Mantappa

Kalyan Mantappa

Yatri Nivas

Yatri Nivas

Instructions for Visitors

Dress Code

Dress Code

While on a visit to the temple which is a place of worship, you are advised to come decently dressed as a mark of respect.



If you happen to visit the temple during noon, never miss having the free lunch prasadam here between 11:30 am and 2:00 pm.



The temple is open on all the days of the week. You can have darshan from 7:15 am to 1:00 pm and from 4:15 pm to 8:30 pm.

Camera Symbol


Photography is not allowed in the temple interiors. For security reasons, only small bags are allowed inside the temple.

Wheel Chair

Wheel Chair

You can avail of elevator facility at the temple for the disabled and elderly in addition to wheelchair and ramp facility.

Special Darshan

Special Darshan

You can buy special darshan tickets at the entrance and have quick darshan of the Lord, offer puja and receive prasadam.

Tourist attractions / Places to visit near ISKCON Temple

The ISKCON temple is just a 5-minute walk from the Mahalakshmi Metro station. It is also at a short distance from the Orion Mall. There are a few other temples in the surrounding areas which you can club along with your visit to ISKCON temple.

Guruvayur temple is located right opposite the ISKCON temple. Prasanna Veeranjaneya temple in Mahalakshmi Layout is about 10-minute walk from ISKCON. The shrine is dedicated to Sri Anjaneya (Hanuman) and you can have darshan of the 22-foot tall Deity of Anjaneya, carved out of a single rock. This temple is counted among the tourist places in Bangalore. At a short distance from here is located Sri Srinivasa temple with a charming Deity of Lord Srinivasa along with His consorts Padmavathi and Lakshmi Devi. A multi-storied tower at the temple houses captivating dioramas of Puranic theme like Krishna’s pastimes and it is a must-see for all.

You can also plan to visit the Sankey tank, one of the popular tourist spots in Bangalore which is 3 km from ISKCON temple.

Guruvayur temple
Prasanna Veeranjaneya temple
Srinivasa Temple

Annadana Seva and Go-poshana Seva

Annadana Seva


Free lunch prasadam is served every day between 11:30 am to 2:00 pm to the pilgrims visiting the temple. It comprises of rice, sambar, sabji, sweet and butter milk.


Goposhan Seva


ISKCON Bangalore maintains a Goshala and the milk from the cows is used for the worship of the Lord. You may contribute towards Goshala maintenance in the service of Lord Krishna.


Sudama Seva


The charitable initiatives of the temple include Nitya Annadana, Prasadam distribution and feeding of cows. You can help sustain these activities by participating in the Sudama Seva.




  • “One of the modern temple of Lord Krishna in Bangalore city & very posh shopping mall opened just behind the temple Orion Mall. Anyone can reach this place easily by BMTC(Local bus service) as well as NAMMA METRO. Also world trade centre n one more famous Mahalakshmi temple is near to this place.. ”

  • “The temple, is just like an oasis in the desert for the conditioned souls to quench the thirst of their desire for real happiness"....peace of mind, packed with bliss,amazing kirtans, gorgeous arati,powerful Bhagavadgita discourse, most attractive deities of Radha and krishna. Best place to spend time in Bangalore. .”

  • “One of the most beautiful places & temple i have ever seen...... Such a wonderful atmosphere..... Every one should visit it atleast once, even non-believers to experience the architecture..... . ”


ISKCON Sri Radha Krishnachandra
Temple, Hare Krishna Hill,
Chord Road, Bengaluru 560010.