Friend of Krishna Subala is one of the cowherd boyfriends of Krishna and out of all of the friends of Krishna, Subala is the most intimate in Vrajabhumi. He is very, very dear to Krishna and he is so intelligent that by his talking and his moral instructions all the other friends take the highest pleasure. The degree of intimacy shared by Krishna and Subala can be understood by the fact that the talks between them were so confidential that no one else could understand what they were saying. When Krishna left Vrndavana, Subala, His intimate friend, decided to leave also. While leaving, Subala was contemplating that without Krishna there was no longer any pleasure to be found in Vrindavana. The analogy is given that as the bees go away from a flower that has no honey, Subala left Vrindavana when he found that there was no longer any relishable transcendental pleasure there.