La Fête Gita is a festival celebrating the rich cultural heritage and wisdom of Vedic texts. India has been the world’s capital for cultural and traditional ethos for several centuries. Its diverse heritage stands as a tall edifice of its rich and glorious history, gleaming a sense of pride in every Indian’s heart.

This event celebrating India, provides an open platform for the holistic expression of talent besides bringing together youngsters of corporate and educational institutions to celebrate creativity, innovation and sportsmanship and thus embrace real happiness and peace.

Online Events

  • Essay writing
  • Spread the world


  • Painting
  • Fruit sculpting
  • Wealth from waste
  • Rangoli
  • Collage
  • Stand-up comedy

Digital Arts

  • Short film making
  • Creative animation
  • Event photography


  • App development
  • 3D games development
  • Decryption


  • Quiz
  • Creative writing
  • Debate
  • Open book contest


  • Drama
  • Singing – solo
  • Singing – group
  • Dance – Solo
  • Dance – Group
  • Bands

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Hare Krishna!

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