Heritage Fest

Grandest inter-school traditional arts competitions in Bengaluru!

Seven streams of competitions

More than 1000 prizes to be won!

Heritage Fest

Heritage Fest is an entertaining and enlightening cultural carnival of contests for students from Pre Nursery to Class X, celebrating India’s vibrant culture and tradition. It provides a platform for school children, to offer their unique innate talent as an ode to Lord Krishna.

This year, Heritage Fest will be conducted at Hare Krishna Hill, Vaikuntha Hill, Whitefield, and JP Nagar venues.

A wide range of contests...

...under seven different streams.

1. Literary

Articulation of thoughts into meaningful words is an essential quality that is worth developing in the formative years of education. Here is an opportunity for your children to exhibit their literary skills on this grand platform.


2. Oratory

To elucidate the glories of Lord Krishna by using the gift of speech is one of the primary methods to attract Lord’s attention. Heritage Fest aims to provide a substantial channel for the younger generation to utilize their oratory skills in glorification of Lord Krishna.

Sacred Chants

3. Sacred Chants

Chanting the sacred mantras or prayers glorifying Lord Krishna, help in delivering the wild mind from its restlessness and calming it down. Gita sloka chanting and Vedic Mantra chanting competitions are aimed at preserving this rich Vedic tradition by inculcating it in the young generation.

Sacred Chants

4. Art & Craft

Drawing and art is the most practical and popular way to engage in worship of God in all the cultures. Heritage Fest gives you an opportunity to engage your children from a very young age, by giving them an opportunity to color Lord Krishna’s forms.


5. Music

Lord Narayana declares to Srila Narada Muni, yatra gayanti mad-bhaktah tatra tishthami narada: “Wherever My devotee sings My glories, I take My residence there, O Narada!” Heritage Fest celebrates the talent of mastering this rich musical form, as an offering to Lord Krishna.

Literary Arts<

6. Dance

Srimad Bhagavatam describes that in the spiritual world, ‘every step is a dance’. Lord Krishna is the greatest transcendental dancer, and His dance with the gopis of Vrindavana enchants the entire existence. A tribute to His love for ‘dance’ is the Dance competitions of Heritage Fest.


7. Theatre

Acting and stage plays are the best ways to reach out a vital message to the masses in an easy, understandable and entertaining manner. Heritage Fest provides a platform for children to bring out their inherent talent in theatrical performances as well as in the costume contests.

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