ISKCON HERITAGE FEST 2016 Prize Distribution Ceremony will be held at ISKCON Temple on SAT 24th Sep 2016 from 3.30PM to 6.30PM. Kindly report by 3PM at the Venue.

Come along with your Token no and name details to confirm your attendance.

Heritage Fest 2016 – Results Announced. Click here to view the results.

Heritage Fest – The biggest Carnival of Cultural Contests

In this age of cutting-edge competition, merely a high IQ and an excellent academic performance cannot ensure a successful career. Gaining life skills and a harmonious personality have become the defining parameters for long-term success in life – professional or personal. Artistic and literary pursuits not only give vent to the innovative and creative faculties of the mind but also play a significant role in harnessing emotional quotient or EQ.

One of the Seven Purposes of ISKCON is to systematically propagate spiritual knowledge to the society at large and educate all people in the techniques of spiritual life in order to check the imbalance of values in life and to achieve real unity and peace in the world. One of the major initiatives of ISKCON Bangalore to achieve this objective is its Cultural Education Services (CES). Started in 2001, CES specifically aims at enhancing values and life skills in children through culture-related activities. It enables children to imbibe sociable and constructive traits and harmonious advancement in character by providing cultural-value-skill rich experience. The Heritage Fest is one of such culture-centric activities.

The Heritage Fest is an entertaining and enlightening cultural carnival of contests celebrating India’s vibrant culture and tradition, conducted for students from LKG to Class X. It provides an exclusive opportunity for them to discover the creative and innovative talents within, by participating in a host of cultural contests (given below). This contest is open to all school-going children in the city of Bengaluru.

There are six streams of competitions and in each stream there are multiple contests.

Dance: Classical Dance like Bharatanatyam, Kathak & Kuchupudi Guidelines for Dance
Decoration: Altar Decoration, Cookery, Pushpalankara & Rangoli Guidelines for Decoration
Drawing: Coloring, Handwriting, Painting & Pencil Shading Guidelines for Drawing
Literary Arts: Creative Writing, Essay Writing, Story Telling, Vedic Quiz & Rhymes

Guidelines for Literary Arts
Music: Gita Sloka Chanting, Vocal Music, Music Concert

Guidelines for Music
Theater: Dumb Charades, Mono Acting, Puranic Costumes

Guidelines for Theater


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