ISKCON Bangalore to conduct a 21-day unique summer camp for students

The Cultural Education Services (CES) division of ISKCON Bangalore, has been in the forefront of disseminating knowledge and awareness of the timeless culture and glorious heritage of India amongst children. In a world infatuated with technological advancement, connecting to our roots is very essential.

Srila Prabhupada, the Founder-Acharya of ISKCON, greatly desired to promote the rich cultural and spiritual wisdom of India among the younger generation. Following his desire, ISKCON Bangalore formed the CES division way back in 2001. The division specializes in conceptualizing, designing and executing culture-centric programs for children across all age groups. It adopts a training pedagogy that is experiential, systematic, engaging and imaginative.

Summer vacations are the most eagerly awaited break for children, given the year-round academic rigor. Parents, however, are faced with the huge predicament of keeping their kids engaged positively and constructively during this break. The one-of-its-kind 21-day ISKCON Culture Camp is designed to deliver parents precisely from this dilemma.

The camp is open for students from Class I to X and it comprises of various cultural and educational modules that provide children the opportunity to express their creativity, display their talents and connect with our rich spiritual heritage. Special camp features include:

  • Vedic quiz
  • Animated video shows
  • Bhagavad-gita sloka chanting
  • Mantra meditation
  • Ecstatic kirtans
  • Daily temple darshan
  • Vedic story telling
  • Cultural modules like Dance, Theatre, Vocal Music, Yakshagana and Art & Craft
  • Life Skills training
  • Grand festival celebrations
  • Talents Day

A day long cultural tour of ancient temples is organized for the benefit of participants and their families. The program itinerary includes narration of the temple history and the past times associated with the place of worship, along with ecstatic kirtans, fun-filled games and delicious prasadam. The camp concludes with a grand Talents Day, the occasion on which enthusiastic children present the learnings of 21 days of the enriching and enlivening camp, to the excited parents and audience.

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