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Monday 22 April 2019
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Sri Brahmotsava

Category: Timeless Wisdom

prabhupada giving lecture

Carry the Lord in your heart with great zeal

A talk by Sri Chanchalapathi dasa on Vaikuntha Ekadashi. Read to know how to make every situation pleasant in the material world. It is...

transcend the modes of material nature

How to Gain Self Control in Kali-yuga

Gaining self-control is a real challenge for anyone in Kali-yuga. The solution is to change your lifestyle. Read on to know more. Srimad...


How to Alter our False Perception

Fake gold appears like gold, but existentially it is not gold – Learn how to get out of false perceptions in this material world....

mercy of the lord

How not to Commit Spiritual Suicide

We are trapped by sexual pleasure in this world. Experience real pleasure by rendering devotional service to the Supreme Lord. Srimad...

lord brahma

How to seek real pleasure

A devotee gives up his false identities and is reinstated as the servant of Krishna just like Brahma who cast off his impure body. Srimad...

incarnation of god

The Supreme Lord and His Incarnations

Read this article on the various types of incarnations of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna as well as Their purpose and pastimes. advaitam...

Lord Narasimha

In spite of difficulties a devotee executes the mission of the Lord

Sometimes pure devotees of Lord Krishna, such as Brahma, are put into distressful situations. Does the Lord not protect them? Srimad...

Existence in this world is inauspicious

By the mercy of the spiritual master and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, we can become Krishna conscious and make our life auspicious. Lecture...


What can a change in our consciousness do?

Everyone is unhappy due to the illusion of – I and mine, with ‘my satisfaction’ in the centre. Srila Prabhupada shows the way out....

peacock tn

The cause for varying degrees of sincerity in devotional service

In a community of devotees, why are some devotees slower than others in regard to devotional service and spiritual perfection? Lecture...


Getting the dust of Krishna’s lotus feet

This spiritual lecture based on Srimad-Bhagavatam discusses the prayer to Lord Krishna, glorifying the dust of His lotus feet. Lecture by...

krishna with cow

Secrets of attaining the highest perfection

How can one attain perfection in life and get to know the confidential aspects of the Supreme Personality of Godhead? Read on… Lecture by...