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Wednesday 22 February 2017
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Category: Pilgrimage

the royal court of pattabirama

Thiru Pullani Kovil – Embodiment of dharma in yoga

By Sampatkumara Ramanuja dasan (Ashwin.S) Thiru Pullani Kovil Located on the banks of Sethu Samudra Ocean, 8 kilometers south east of...

perumal temple

Thiru Koodal Azhagar Perumal Temple

by: Sampatkumara Ramanuja Dasan (Adv. Ashwin.S) Located in the heart of the temple town Madurai is the wonderful temple of the Supreme Lord...

temple of van purushotama

Vana Purushothaman Temple

Vishnu Sahasranama Personified by Sampatkumara Ramanuja Dasan (Adv. Ashwin.S) Located about 5 km from the Sirkali Temple is the exquisite...

rajagopal tn

India’s Celebration of Krishna – Part 3

Tamil Nadu is home to some of the largest and most beautiful Vaishnava temples, and among these is the Sri Rajagopalaswami temple at...

panduranga vittala tn

India’s Celebration of Krishna – Part 2

Maharashtra is the abode of Lord Vittala, with His temple in Pandharpur on the banks of the Chandrabhaga River. It is the spiritual...

Radha Ramana thumb

India’s Celebration of Krishna – Part 1

The appearance of Lord Krishna 5000 years ago on this planet, is woven into the historical and cultural fabric of every state of India. In...

jagannath temple puri

7 must-visit places during your Jagannath Puri tour

7 must-visit places during your Jagannath Puri tour If you are planning to go on a tour to Puri on the occasion of Ratha-yatra festival of...

sri jagannatha temple

Inside the Jagannath temple – a guided tour

The Jagannath Puri temple is built on a gigantic raised platform in the heart of the city. The temple complex is bounded by a wall about...

puri temple

Nine incredible facts about Puri Jagannath temple

All over the world, including India, many people might know about Odisha as a small state in East India, but the name of Puri certainly has...

Understanding the Ratha Yatra

Major cities around the world celebrate Ratha-yatra. It is a contribution of Srila Prabhupada, the founder-acharya of ISKCON, who...



A festival where men sing provocative songs and get “beaten” by women with lathis. In the Holi tradition which is unique to Nandagram...

Holi in Krishna land

Holi Celebrations in Krishna’s Holy Land

As icy winds and fog in North India force people to stay indoors, residents of Vrindavan and surroundings, shedding all fear of the cold...