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Monday 22 April 2019
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Sri Brahmotsava

Category: Pilgrimage


The Holy Places Visited by Lord Rama

During this year’s Rama Navami, let us go back in history and get a glimpse where Lord Ramachandra performed His pastimes, as...

India’s Celebration of Krishna – Part 3

Discover the Vaishnava temples in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and also Vrindavan whose glories were revealed by Srila Prabhupada. Tamil Nadu is...

India’s Celebration of Krishna – Part 2

The Pandharpur temple in Maharashtra is famed for the chanting of the Lord’s holy names. Read about a few renowned temples of Lord...

India’s Celebration of Krishna

India’s Celebration of Krishna – Part 1

Do you know about the glorious Krishna temples in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Manipur, each with a charming deity of Lord Krishna? The...

wonderful pastimes of lord balarama

Pilgrimage tour of Lord Balarama

Find out about the holy places visited by Lord Balarama during His pilgrimage tour covering different parts of the country. Lord Balarama...

jagannath temple puri

7 must-visit places during your Jagannath Puri tour

Puri is one of the holiest places to visit in India and there are also other places worth a visit during Jagannath Puri tour. If you are...

sri jagannatha temple

Inside the Jagannath temple – a guided tour

Here is an excellent guide to your visit to the Jagannath temple, with all the useful information about this historical temple. The...

puri temple

Nine incredible facts about Puri Jagannath temple

Here are some amazing facts about Puri Jagannath temple which will leave you dumbfounded as they have no logical explanation. All over the...


Yoga-pitha: The birth site of Sri Chaitanya

Here is an article with details about the birthplace of Lord Sri Chaitanya who appeared at Sridham Mayapur over 500 years ago. The temple...

A Beautiful View of Ekachakra

Ekachakra Dhama – The Birthplace of Lord Nityananda

This article explores various places in Ekachakra Dhama associated with the pastimes of Lord Nityananda including His birth. A Beautiful...

jaganath puri

Jagannath Ratha Yatra in Puri

Are you aware of the different events and rituals related to the world-famous Ratha Yatra at Jagannath Puri? Read this article. Jagannath...

Gundicha Temple Puri Odisha1

Gundicha temple: The Garden House of Lord Jagannath

Discover interesting facts about Gundicha temple in Puri which is intimately connected with the Ratha Yatra of Lord Jagannath. The...