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Wednesday 22 February 2017
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prabhupada giving lecture

Carry the Lord in your heart with great zeal

It is said in the Srimad-Bhagavatam that there are three important aspects of our interaction in this material world. We interact with our...

Lord Srinivasa Govinda in a special alankara

Registrations for online archana scales new heights

Lord Srinivasa Govinda in a special alankara A regular feature during the Vaikuntha Ekadashi celebrations at ISKCON Bangalore for the last...

transcend the modes of material nature

How to Gain Self Control in Kali-yuga

Srimad Bhagavatam 3.20.38 prahasya bhāva-gambhīraṁ jighrantyātmānam ātmanā kāntyā sasarja bhagavān gandharvāpsarasāṁ...


How to Alter our False Perception

Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.20.37 Context: The demons who tried to attack Lord Brahma were allured by the beautiful form of the woman that evolved...

offer seva to-lord-vishnu

Five things you must do on Vaikuntha Ekadashi

Vaikuntha Ekadashi is one of the major festivals celebrated in the temples of Lord Vishnu, especially in South India. Apart from being an...

worthless paper

Spiritual lessons to be learnt from demonetisation

As I stood in the queue, waiting to withdraw money from the ATM, I was contemplating on the bold move by the government in banning the Rs...


Six reasons to celebrate Vijaya Dashami

Vijaya Dashami is one of the most significant festivals in the cultural tradition of India. This festival is observed on the tenth day of...

Who am i

The course of ‘Joys, Sorrows and Self-Discovery’

All of us, who are living in this material world, have our own share of joys and sorrows. It is seldom that we remember or try to thank God...

vaikuntha ekadashi archana

Overwhelming response for free online archana seva on Vaikuntha Ekadashi

Every year on the occasion of Vaikuntha Ekadashi, ISKCON Bangalore offers a unique opportunity to all netizens for a free archana seva to...

What is wrong in killing the cow and eating the meat?

The world is designed in such a way that every creature in this world depends on some other creature as the source of food. Thus there is a...

cartone cow

You need not slaughter to eat a cow

Are you one among those who are against eating beef considering the terrible suffering which the cows undergo when they are slaughtered? In...


Conserve tiger. Protect stray dogs. But cows…?

As someone rightly pointed out, we see the community being so hypocritical about their attitude towards the cow. For a moment, let us keep...