Heritage Fest

Heritage Fest 2015
Heritage Fest is an entertaining and enlightening cultural carnival of contests celebrating India’s vibrant culture and traditions. The objective of this program is to bridge the cultural divide in this era of tech-frenzy, increasing juvenile delinquency and stressed lifestyle of kids. It provides an exclusive opportunity to the students to discover the creative and innovative talents within, by participating in a host of 27 cultural contests like Classical Dance, Coloring, Gita Sloka Chanting, Vedic Quiz, Vocal Music etc categorized in 6 main streams. This contest is open to all school-going children in Bangalore.

Streams & Contests

There are six streams of competitions and in each stream there are multiple contests.

  • Dance: Classical Dance, Folk Dance
  • Decoration: Altar Decoration, Cookery, Pushpalankara, Rangoli
  • Drawing: Coloring, Handwriting, Painting, Pencil Shading, Calligraphy
  • Literary Arts: Creative Writing, Essay Writing, Story Telling, Vedic Quiz, Rhymes, Elocution
  • Music: Gita Sloka Chanting, Vocal Music, Music Concert, Instrumental Music, Vedic Mantra Chanting
  • Theater: Dumb Charades, Mono Acting, Puranic Costumes, Mime, Vedic Skit

Heritage Fest 2015

We are conducting the Heritage Fest 2015 at ISKCON Bangalore, for students of LKG to Class X.

In ISKCON Bangalore the events are conducted from July 21 to Aug 12, 2015. Download for Heritage Fest 2015 Schedule.

Click here to download Heritage Fest 2015 Brochure.

Heritage Fest 2015 - Rolling Trophy Winner is Aham Aathma School

Heritage Fest 2015 - Rolling Trophy Runner is shared between Ganga International School & Kensri School