Balaram Jayanti 2010

A colorful abhisheka with flowers A colorful ceremonial bath with the flowers A gentle breeze A refreshing shower of flowers A shower of jasmine A transcendental patter of pannir leaves Abhisheka with black current juice Abhisheka with black current juice 02 Abhisheka with fruit juices Abhisheka with jasmine Abhisheka with milk Abhisheka with the flowers Abhisheka with the musk melon juice Abhisheka with the rose petals An elaborate arati Devotees lovingly massaging Sri Balarama with sandalwood paste Devotees lovingly pouring the revered waters of 108 kalashas Devotees take shelter of Balarama's lotus feet to gain spiritual strength Jai Jai!! A ceremonial phala-dala snana Lotus Feet of Sri Balarama Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna-chandra 01 Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna-chandra 02 Lotus Palm of Sri Balarama in the gesture of blessing His devotees Receiving an abhisheka with the consecrated waters of 108 kalashasSri Balarama, son of Rohini being bathe with honeySri Balarama, the darling of Rohini in the thick shower of rose petalsSri Balarama, the seventh son of Devaki enjoying the abhisheka with fruit juiceSri Balarama 01Sri Balarama 02Sri Balarama blessing His devoteesSri Balarama casting His merciful glance on devoteesSri Balarama enjoying the showers of tube rosesSri Balarama receiving a cool bath with the holy waters of Sahasra DharaSri Balarama receiving an abhisheka with tila paste waterSri Krishna 01Sri Krishna being bathe with the sweet waterSri Krishna in the glimmering sacred waters of Sahasra DharaSri Krishna receiving an abhisheka with pomegrante juiceSri Krishna-chandra 01Sri Krishna-chandra 02Sri Krishna-chandra 03Sri Sri Krishna Balarama 01Sri Sri Krishna Balarama 02Sri Sri Nitai GaurangaSri Sri Radha Krishna-chandra 01Sri Sri Radha Krishna-chandra 02Sri Sri Radha Krishna-chandra 03Srimati RadharaniThe elder brother of Sri Krishna in the glinting drops of Sahasra DharaThe husband of Srimati Revati anointed with turmericThe loving brothers receiving an abhisheka with papaya juiceThe transcendental brothers being bathe with curdsThe transcendental brothers being bathe with the milkThe trascendental brothers relishing the abhisheka with flowersTheir Lordships enjoying the shower of flowersTheir Lordships receiving an elaborate aratiTheir Lordships relishing the bath with custard apple juiceTranscendental plough of Sri BalaramaUtsava Murtis of Sri Sri Krishna Balarama